Our Approach

With a very strong and unique services offer & combined experience of over 25 years, the company's presence in India has achieved remarkable expertise by helping people from around the world, in achieving their educational and career goals. This has been accomplished through the dedicated & sincere approach of our professional team, who personally involves themselves in conducting intense research and sincere analysis based on our client’s requirements. Our expert advice has helped people in getting appropriate visa to conduct business, work, study or settle in any developed country.

The unique feature of our company is the significant and superior client centric approach, where our clients are treated with respect they deserve and for what matters to our clients as it matters most to us. Transparency is our way of dealing with our clients. The bottom line of our company is the great client service experience.

We offer solutions

Our Story

NexEra Immigration Consultants, set out to establish themselves as the client focused consultancy after experiencing pitiable client service conditions in the market.

Founder Ibrahim Mohammed redefined Client Services core value, saying it gives you the opportunity to experience world class service. After working overseas for 25 years, he noticed the client service experience at home is at the bottom of the pack, where clients are treated useless after payment of the fee and rarely provided with proper guidance and the value for their buck.

After graduation he had firsthand experience of fewer opportunities: this might appear like a contradiction, but it is not. More opportunities can cause inequality and so can fewer opportunities. One place fewer opportunities is clearly visible is in education. Some people get to go to colleges like IIT, AIIMS and get a promising career, while most of the rest don't get that opportunity. Without a lot of quality colleges & schools, we will have a big majority of population unable to access the fruits of the knowledge economy.

He immigrated to Canada in 90's under skilled migration category and noticed the value of life, the exceptional customer service at the port of entry, the welcoming immigration officer, the world class health care, the incomparable employers who respect their employees for who they are, irrespective of their background, the people friendly government agencies. After travelling to more than 20 countries and experiencing the world he returned home to give back to his fellow citizens.

Our real value is about what we believe in "Exceptional Client Service Experience", what we’re trying to do in the world is to "Make a difference in people's lives", and how we make others’ lives better.

There is hope for you

No matter if you feel like a failure right now or even if you feel moderately successful. No matter if you have been pursuing personal development for years without many results. No matter if you consider self-help something for the naive. An ordinary guy made it. And it’s not an isolated story.

The process is repeatable. You can do it too. So, what do you need to make it happen for you? The same thing that our founder considered crucial to his progress: develop the right personal philosophy.

Meet the Team

We are a team of adaptive doers with International expertise in offering exceptional client service.

Our passion for the commitment to our client's success, and ability to guide our client's successfully sets us apart.

Get to know the heart of NexEra!

Ibrahim comes with 25 years of experience of living overseas from education & experience, he understands the nuances, perks & difficulties.

Accomplished and subject matter specialist in International Studies, Immigration Procedures, Business Visas, Investors Visas, Student Visas, Work Permits and Visitor Visas.

It is from these memories and experience he started NexEra Immigration Consultancy.

Ibrahim places a great deal of importance on ethics and client relationships, and ensures that the clients are treated as valued partners in the whole process.

Chaya is a lawyer in good standing and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Membership # 53678D. Chaya completed her law degree in 1978 and attained higher education at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Chaya’s practice encompasses all areas of Canadian Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee law, such as business class applications, skilled workers, family sponsorships, work and study permits, refugee cases, citizenship applications, plus Appeals and Judicial Reviews of refused cases.

Chaya places a great deal of importance on client relationships, and ensuring that the clients are treated as valued partners in the immigration process.